What I Learned Today 9/29/2014

LOTF Theme: Rules & Order

  1. Ralph’s attempted system of law lasts about five minutes before breaking down. Does Jack take over with anarchy, or with his own system of laws? Is anarchy really just another system, no different than any other arbitrary set of values? In my opinion, I feel that anarchy is made up of two laws: do the opposite of the laws you had, and besides that, there are no laws. So, according to my statement, I feel that Jack doesn’t take over with anarchy, but tries to copy it, and turn it into something new.
  2. What makes the system of laws disintegrate on the island? Whose fault is it? In my opinion Fear, is the real culprit. Fear is also at fault for scaring everyone to go crazy. Under pressure, people do what they have to do even if it isn’t the right thing in the end.
  3. Sam and Eric teeter between Ralph’s orderly camp and Jack’s rebellious one. Are they good, law-abiding guys, or do they just end up being bad guys? If you know what William Golding thinks about humanity and our primitivism, then the answer isn’t do they end up being bad, but actually gives me the answer quite literally we are all part evil. And even the nicest characters, have done something bad in their life.
  4. Are there any “good guys” on the island? Or are there really any “bad guys?” Is there such thing as good vs. bad at all? Or are they just humans, and that’s how we are, and we should all stop passing judgment? William Golding believes that everyone is bad and I believe everyone is good. If you combine those two things together, then that creates a new statement, equality. Judgment is something we’ve always done and always will; should we? No. Do we? Yes. Judgment will be passed to those who are more evil than good, but really we shouldn’t at all.

LOTF Theme: Fear

  1. What is “the unknown” in Lord of the Flies? Are there any “knowns” that the boys fear—like starving, or never being rescued? The unknown is the same thing as fear, it doesn’t exist but it will when it can. Something unknown is real and isn’t. The unknown in their case is fear itself. (Or the beast.) When Jack provided his meat and after that, because of everyone’s fears and regrets, they just went right into his “tribe.”
  2. What is Simon afraid of? From my opinions about the book he was afraid of other people, and their fears. He didn’t want to face the truth that, the good guys don’t always win. Sometimes they die. And this one did.
  3. What do the littluns really fear when they talk about the beast? At what point in the novel do the boys fully accept the reality of the beast, and what is the catalyst? I feel that when they talk about the beast, first they did it as an excuse to gossip. Sometimes scariness can help, but later when most of the boys start going to Jack, is when they really start believing. The novel really changed after because when you are scared, you kill. That changed the aftermath by far.

Today, I also did a “Build It” project challenge. I was given a paper with picture instructions and an Allen tool and had to put together a workcart with 10 drawers from scratch. I did it all by myself!!! At first, I put both sides facing the same way (to the right) but one needed to face in to hold the drawers. So I had to undo it and put it back together again, but I didn't get mad. I just fixed it, and now I've built something for my homeschool room I did all by myself. My mom was really proud of me and said I will be the family handman from now on. Derp! 🙂


I also learned how to organize and correctly check and remove emails because I have updates and emails from such as my java programming class and my daily Dornob email I have to read, but I had let them all pile up in there so I missed some ones I should have replied to. I also am going to start BEIBG getter to write my family members back the if I have an email from one of them instead of thinking I'll do it later and forgetting.

I got sort of a lecture because sometimes I don't mean to but goof off like playing with the dogs when it's supposed to be school time, so my mom and I came up with a schedule together for me to follow so I know when break time is. I like that we can move the things around in this chart she made in case we really get into one thing and it takes longer so it's not like in regular school where it takes weeks to finish one thing, I can just finish it then. Also, I'm bad about finishing essays because I like math or even blogging better but I know I have to do it. I have to keep a Word Book of any words I find I don't know and define them. Today I just had two, dutifully and catalyst. Dutifully means to do what you're responsible for doing in a responsible manner and a catalyst has several meanings but the one that this one meant in the sentence was something that precipitates a reaction. Precipitates means it comes before.

That is all.



  One thought on “What I Learned Today 9/29/2014

  1. September 30, 2014 at 9:17 am

    Sage, I think your answers to the questions are excellent! I can tell you put serious thought into them, and I LOVE how you wove the past themes we discussed into your answers. Great job! I really like how you were honest about goofing off, and I am excited we came up with a schedule that helps you see when you have your breaks. I am SO IMPRESSED with how well you followed the directions for the work cart, and I am still flabbergasted your “build it” challenge wasn’t a challenge at all for you. 🙂 I am incredibly proud of you! Love, Mom


  2. September 30, 2014 at 5:56 pm

    Great answers Sage, you are quite the thinker!! Glad you are learning to read instructions and then being able to follow through to build something. I’m sure it was a breeze for you because you have always been so good at reading the directions for legos; it blows my mind!! Great job!

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