What I Learned Today 1/20/15

Vocabulary: Wordly Wise

I completed lesson 9 in Wordly Wise then wrote my story using each vocabulary word correctly.

Foxie & Friends, Part 6


Foxie the Rouge

Moxie the Medic

Django the Knight

Sorin the Barbarian

Darla the Ranger

Recap: Foxie is a howl away from being cured, but also to be forever growling. Moxie has felt her heart ascended, with not even the writer knowing what will happen next.

“Hello???” Moxie yells down the darkening corridor. “Hello??? Hello?? Hello? Hello. Hello.” Says the echo. “Give me the elixir… Uhh…” Foxie moans. “Foxie?? Is that you? I’m Coming!!” Moxie cries. “BAM!” Foxie hits the cobblestone path. “Foxie? Foxie? You said something about an elixir?” Moxie pants “Over there, Quickly.” Foxie tries to yell. “(Gasp) Sorin! How could you! Moxie exclaims. Moxie lumbers away from Sorin carrying Foxie in her grasp. She goes over to a potion shop and quickly gives the elixir to Foxie. “Don’t be so absurd Moxie! I am in total control of the situation! Are you trying to mimic how amazing I am? Consider that experiment failed if you did that on purpose! Besides, you’re so flimsy that I am much too unwieldy for you to carry! I’m tired…” Foxie says in her sleep. “You can’t terminate my heroic act! You have to say I was pretty cool. After you get your rest. Better suspend you on that hammock over there.” She says carrying Foxie. “You are of great significance. Some day you will soar to the top of the hall of many heroes. You just showed how you will accomplish many things in your life.” The weird voice says. “What are you anyway? Who are you?” “I am simply a dense air in the breeze; a spectator of the world around you.”

What will happen to Foxie? Will Django still be in that tunnel of gold? Will we find anything more about that mysterious voice in the air? Find out next time in FOXIE & FRIENDS!

***This is me and Moxie cuddling!


  One thought on “What I Learned Today 1/20/15

  1. February 17, 2015 at 2:17 am

    love the continued story, and love the picture.

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