What I Learned Today 2/9/15

Cub Scouts: Blue & Gold Crossover Celebration

Yesterday I crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. They had a big banquet for us. My mom and Debrin went with my Grama Tina, and our friends Meredyth, Haddie, and Emma. I earned the Arrow of Light and my religious knot. I worked really hard to earn the Arrow of Light because while most Cub Scouts had two years to work on their pins and patches, I only had one, so my mom worked the requirements into my homeschool curriculum, like the math and art pins. I chose to join Troop 333, the homeschool troop. I like it much better than the Cub Scout troop. Some of them were bullies, and my den leader was never there. My new Boy Scout troop is full of weird, nerdy boys like me! 🙂 We all like the same stuff, and they are very supportive and will help me become an Eagle Scout. Debrin is even an Assistant Scoutmaster for my new troop, so I will get to spend more time with him. They gave me an official Boy Scout knit cap, and I got to pin a special Arrow of Light pin on my mom. My new Scoutmaster and some of the Boy Scours from my new troop were there to welcome me as I crossed over. I actually crossed over a little bridge. My first big adventure with Troop 333 is the Klondike challenge! We will sled through a fake Alaska to every city, and in every city there will be a challenge. It's three days long on February 20-22! Here are the pictures from the banquet and a list of all my awards, pins, patches, belt loops, and badges!



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  1. February 17, 2015 at 2:22 am

    A big congratulations!! Love and miss you!!

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