What I Learned Today 12/31/14


I used each of my words correctly in my story.

Foxie & Friends, Part 5


Foxie the Rouge

Moxie the Medic

Django the Knight

Sorin the Barbarian

Darla the Ranger


Recap: Everyone’s lives are in peril! A sea monster has sent Darla on a quest! Django and Moxie are in a pulley situation! Foxie was bitten for more than she could chew! What will happen next to these poor dogs?


“Sorin? Please don’t go in there. I just need to first heal myself before I become as ravenous as you. Ahah! There is a large cask of elixir that can heal me!” Foxie’s mind races to herself. “Django! I found the secret lever!” Moxie cries with glee. ” Don’t be so frivolous. We must get to the stone and that leaves no time to be exited.” Django says firmly. “Lets go! I just hope there are no hostile dogs in there.” They both slowly creep into the dark steps behind the bookcase and enter what could be a rough task ahead. “Dear Magical Diary. I have found myself in the most desperate situation. One pathway promises wealth and much prosperity with gold and jewels. While the future will turn on you to get you someday, you will be poor and not able to celebrate your wealth. The other pathway promises a hard challenge, but later you will be a hero of treasure, a person with rare cargo aboard the finest ship in the land. Always traveling with the thrill of adventure, but always coming back in one piece. I think I may choose the hard pathway, for Django already ran to grab all of the gold. My door of choice quite appeals to me, for it has been hewed to be the finest carving, a piece of mastery. But one noticeable difference is there is an odd shape in the top of the door. I reach my paw up to feel it, and a spark of light beams into me. And a soft soothing voice tells me ‘You are the savior of souls. You cannot change destiny. For whatever you do, you will be lead to a great hope.’ I do not know what it means for I have already saved many dogs.” In the strange room, a magical light glowed across the area. It was like the dark was harvested and replaced with a holy light. Moxie’s heart lifted. She felt happy and not at all desperate from the room. She pledges to herself to always continue a life of glee, and swears to never do wrong. She now knows that someone, or something was watching over her. She walked down the path that she chose. The room became surrounded with bright colors. To her it almost looked like an edible piece of hard candy, in a giant candy banquet. With different hues of colors she felt different with every step she took. The colors started mixing until only one spec on the wall was all of the colors assembled in one small area. It decreased until it was so small it all went away. She heard the voice again “You were brave enough to choose the side of hope. Many people here go for the money, too overwhelmed to think.”


What is this voice? What will happen to Django? What will happen next?

You will have to find out next time on Foxie and Friends!

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  1. January 14, 2015 at 10:31 pm

    Loved the continued story!!

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