What I Learned Today 12/30/14

To Kill A Mockingbird:

Ch 28-31

Jem and Scout went to the school that night for Scout to be a ham for the school’s pageant. They went and Scout accidentally fell asleep in the middle of the performance. Later that evening, they walked back and heard rustling. They turned, and thought that Cecil was trying to scare them. Once they got close to the oak tree by the school the rustling became louder. They screamed and tried to run from the incoming person. They were knocked to the ground and Jem got up and was knocked unconscious. Someone grabbed them and brought them to their home. Atticus immediately called a doctor. He also called the sheriff to find who had done the damage. Scout quickly got out of her ham costume. The doctor saw that Jem had broken his arm. The sheriff returned and told that Bob Ewell lied dead with a knife in him. They found out that Scout was stabbed, but the knife couldn’t get through the costume and chicken wire. They argued about what happened, and Scout found that Boo Radley had saved them. After a long night, Scout fell asleep on Atticus’ lap.

History: Slavery & Emancipation

In the South, slaves worked in most plantations. The government couldn’t stop slavery from all the people who relied on them for production. As many states made slavery illegal, the South decided to create their own government, and their own laws. The South and the North went to war, not to stop slavery, but to get the south to join the union again. It wasn’t until much later that they started fighting for that cause as well. As the North started winning, the South surrendered right after Abe Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. After the war, many blacks were still mistreated, and were not equal to the whites. Many blacks protested how they were mistreated, and how many of them were mostly poor and homeless. From then on, blacks fought not to end slavery, but to have everyone equal, both blacks and whites.


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