What I Learned Today 12/18/14

To Kill A Mockingbird:

CH 19

In the court, Tom Robinson stepped up to the witness stand and told his side of the story, and he was asked many questions and answered with a much different story. He told that he had done many tasks for Ms. Ewell but chopping up a chifferobe was not one of them on the day of November twenty first. He had went by and

Ms. Ewell invited him to come in the house. She told him to grab a small box on top of the chifferobe. Ms. Ewell said to him that she told the kids to go out and get ice cream. Then, she went up to him and hugged him and kissed him. He tried to resist her and when Mr. Ewell came, he knew that something was going to happen to him because it didn’t look like what it was.

CH 20

As Tom was cross-examined, Dill thought that the prosecutor was being rude. He then grew blue, and Scout agreed with Jem to bring him outside for him to stop crying. Mr. Dolphus Raymond came and gave him some of the coca cola in his large sac. He then told them that unlike people think; he doesn’t drink. He explained how people feel better when they can blame someone’s “mistakes” on something else. And that he chose to live and be married to a colored person, and wanted to have mixed kids. He also told them that they wouldn’t understand that he chose the life he was in. After Dill felt better, Scout pulled him back to the Court, where the cross-examination continued.

Java Programming:

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