What I Learned Today 12/16 & 12/17/14

History: Revolutions

Like the last chapter, people are unhappy. Some angry at taxes, but taxes just come from laws. Some rebels that used to revolt previosly did not join in on these new revolts. All of this started from farmers. When farmers stopped paying money for their land because of taxes, the government found that there was clearly room in their mind for rebellion. Then, the poor stopped paying. Maybe even some middle class stopped paying from fear of being poor. The anger of the people kept building higher and higher until the government found a way to neutralize the loathing of the farmers. They instead gave them that land, and the farmers grew calmer. What they didn’t see was that they were still paying, just to the bank instead of the rich landowner. But even still the government’s fear appeared and many people fought back in America. Also in the Revolutionary War, many people had to fight in the war, but when a rich man gets forced to go to the army, they can pay their way out of it. And for most of the farmers, or poor, it really didn’t matter to them who governed them. Most things that they were trying to change involved the rich. To them it was an unfair fight. They were forced to risk their lives for something that didn’t even involve them, in their minds.

History: If Grass Grows or Water Runs

A lot of people know that Indians were treated poorly. They weren’t just slaughtered, but they were plagued by so much more. As the Americans built up, the Indians depleted in size, growth, and materials. There still remained peace, but the Indian’s land was being stolen from them. They just never realized it, nor had a doubt about the Americans. With the demands of new land, more land speculators tried to get the land from them. By bribing them, or promising things that the Indians didn’t already have, they gained control of most of the leftover Indian territories. When the Indians saw how the others were mistreated, they denied giving up their land. Then, there were attacks to try to force them out. They even promised to give them supplies to move farther away. Most of the Indians left, but the Indians in Florida decided to fight. The killed many, but after a long fight, the government lost $2M but succeeded in getting them out. None of the Indians were given anything, and many died. One specifically, was named the Trail of Tears because of the 4,000 people who died on that terrible trip. This terrible event in history was called the “Indian Removal” and the government was “Very Pleased.” 😦



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  1. January 14, 2015 at 10:11 pm

    The way we treated the Indians is also a sad time in our history!

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