What I Learned Today 12/15/14


I used each of my Wordly Wise vocabulary words correctly in my story.

Foxie & Friends, Part 4


Foxie the Rouge

Moxie the Medic

Django the Knight

Sorin the Barbarian

Darla the Ranger


Recap: They have all split off, trying to find the things they need for the map, but they may encounter some troubles along the way…


“Just a little farther… I *ruff* can’t *bark* turn into a beast!” Foxie says feeling very feeble. “Ruff! Bark bark!!” says an odd black barbaric dog. “That’s Sorin! And he is near Blizzard Road! I have to help him!” Foxie yells. “Lever… I don’t see the thing titled lever.” Django says, “I can’t believe you haven’t cracked that dog’s riddle! It meant that there is a secret lever that is pulled by taking out a book!” Moxie laughs. “Humph. This knowledge will not compensate the embarrassment you just put on me.” Django sighs. “Ranger’s Log: day 9327. I seem to have run across a colony of small monster fish that can form into a giant creature. They seem to have some sort of hive mind. The creature has not hurt me yet. I have been staring at it for an hour straight writing words down as we speak. Once I first saw it, I was scared half to death. I deposited my map recipe and took out a blank journal once I saw that it was a calm species. I am extremely fascinated by it. At first I thought it was very frigid of it to stay in this weird solitary stance. But soon after it took a harsh turn. It was very scary to me to seem like a remote being compared to the fishes’ mass. But as it started flailing, I stayed formal trying not to scare the creature and instead examine it. As I walk around it, I feel that I am merely a waddling duck; just something that could easily be smashed by something this monstrous. But even still, I felt like a rigid piece of wood, and couldn’t find a calm moment where I didn’t feel like it was in control from its harsh look. Most likely from its point of view, I was probably very small and hard for the fish to see, but I was clearly wrong as the fish resembled the shape of a smooth rock of some kind. It did this for a few minutes, but when I showed it the recipe with the stone, it fell apart into pieces and drifted away in the sea. I was about to run after it, but I realized that an infused stone in the city might have been disturbing its life. I then turned around facing the city and walked into its dark aura that was around it. I knew that I might never come back. But it still felt like a substantial being, somehow. End of Log”


What is that sea creature? Will Darla make it back? You may find out next time on “Foxie & Friends!”

To Kill A Mockingbird:

CH 15

Jem, Scout, and Atticus were awaiting the day at the court. Everyone in all of Macomb County was either stirred up, or they never dealt with political affairs in their life. Atticus kept on reassuring Jem and Scout to stay strong and never get mad at someone who says anything about him. After dinner, Atticus went in his car with a light bulb and a cord. Jem, Scout, and Dill were all worried about this. They knew that he never drives somewhere unless other people are coming or he is going out of Macomb County. They also knew that no one goes somewhere without reason, especially in Macomb. Late at night they went into town and found a mob trying to get through Atticus in the jail.

CH 16

Today was the day of the trial. Almost everyone came there. When Jem and Scout arrived there were no seats. A black man offered them to go up on the balcony where all the other black people were. They were able to see it all. Then the chapter ended.


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    love your story!!

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