What I Learned Today 12/12/14


In history, slavery was one cruelest human acts. American slavery was worse than the slavery of other countries. For example, slaves were burned, hanged, and mutilated in all sorts of ways. The main reason it happened is that they had a need for labor. In settlements, they couldn’t take Indians because they were more resistant than anyone else in the colonies. So, they had black African slaves shipped to settlements when they didn’t have enough people to do the work they needed done to survive. Slaves were needed most in Jamestown when the “Starving Time” happened. White masters normally feared a rebellion happening among the slaves. So to make white servants not team up with the blacks, they sometimes would make laws to make the white servant not feel as bad doing all the work that the slaves were doing.

All throughout England and America, slaves, servants, and the poor were abundant. The only classes present at the time were really rich or really poor. At one time, in Virginia, the poor, the servants, and slaves teamed up to form a huge rebellion called Bacon's Rebellion. For most poor people, they were forced to move to the dangerous frontier. In that area, they were attacked by Indians almost constantly. With taxes rising, the rebellion was about no protection from the Indians, and being overflowed with taxes. In the middle of the rebellion, their leader Bacon died from terrible sickness.

Shortly after, the rebellion died out. To make sure there was no more rebellion to start, the rich bribed Indians to give back runaway slaves, and they made most troops that were shipped to Virginia to go and fight the rebellion to stay and sentry Virginia. The rich went so far as to make people build poorhouses, and most states made the rule to give servants a small profit and get some food and money before they go, but even with the poorhouses they made, they filled up extremely fast.

In these newly growing colonies, there was tyranny and riots. The riots started from the Seven Year War when the British needed money for the war. The newly made middle class died down, and the poor became very poor. Many people got up and took a stand to fight the rich and take down the tax laws. When some rich people heard about it, they decided to route the people's anger to Britain and the people who needed the money. They then teamed with the poor to take down Britain and help change the laws. That made most people direct their anger to Great Britain and tried to enforce different laws. When Britain found out about the newly coming laws, they made stricter laws and tried to make it stop. The same thing kept on happening until Britain had made everyone to go to war to help Britain fight. The only way for people to get out of it was to pay someone to do it for them. All of the poor had to go, and they knew tyranny was tyranny, no matter how much they tried to change it.



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  1. January 14, 2015 at 9:52 pm

    Yes, slavery is a sade part of our history:(

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