What I Learned Today 12/9/14


I completed all the exercises in my Art of Problem Solving book for each of the three sections I'm studying.


I completed Lesson 6 and used all my words correctly in my story:

Foxie and Friends 3


Foxie the Rouge

Moxie the Medic

Django the Knight

Sorin the Barbarian

Darla the Ranger

Recap: Sorin mysteriously wandered off, and now with a powerful magic map, they can find him! But they need some materials…

Foxie catapulted herself across the land in search of a nice firm wooden board. She then finds herself near a pack of sick dogs. They monstrously inflict a bite into Foxie, making her forced to run away. She nimbly catapults herself up the wall, getting to the ceiling of a house. She looks down and harbors the pain of the bite in her mind, making her howl in pain. She then looks around the perimeter of the town and finds a small chemist’s shop a little farther out of down town. She decides to run over there from building to building because the dogs were probably going to try to eat her. “Finally… after getting through those ruffian mutts, we found the library.” Django says, loathing dogs that get in his way. “Well, now to find some stone that is infused, and a book that we can buy. Also, don’t be so grim Django.” Moxie states with superiority, “Hel–“ “Please, don’t kill me!! I am just a Dogarian!!! Oh the agony of being eaten!! Why? Oh. You are not infected. Yay!!! Time to celebrate!” The Dogarian yells. “Not yet. Like I was saying, Hel–,” “Oh no! You must have been scared for so long! Are you hurt? What can I do for you? Anything?” Moxie whines. “No thank you. I was just so scared with the whole town being mostly infected!” the Dogarian sighs. “Do you want to hear what I have to say or not? Jeez. I’m not trying to be meddlesome, but the danger levels have extremely escalated. One of our friends, Sorin, is the toughest dog I’ve ever seen! With him having Growlmouth, it is our top priority to make sure he doesn’t hurt anyone! Another one of our friends knows how to make a map to find and stop him! We need an infused stone and some paper from books. We were hoping we could buy some. Can you help us?” “Buy? Hah! It is on the house! I have no use for them; this is the apocalypse!” the Dogarian announced. “How about an infused stone?” Moxie asks curiously. “Well, under the sorter “lever” you should find a book that is titled “secret”. That should be it.” “Thank you.” Moxie says politely. “Whoa!! Look at the waves… wait? A sea monster?” Darla says. “hsjgduegfhavhfbahvf… hsjgduegfhavhfbahvf…” the monster says. “How do I translate something like that?”

Will our fine characters abolish their challenges that await? Find out in the next part of…

Foxie and Friends

To Kill A Mockingbird:

I read chapters 5-7 and wrote a summary:

Ch. 5

Jem and Bill decide to creep over to Radley's place and end up pulling Scout along to go with them. Jem tries to use a fishing pole to communicate with Radley via letter. In the act, Atticus finds them, banning them to not come back to his house unless Radley invited them.

Ch. 6

Late at night, Jem, Bill, and Scout go to Radley's house. This time they come in from behind and as Jem tries to get through the wire fence, his pants get hooked onto it. Instead of being caught by making noise, he gets out of his pants to continue. Once they get close to the back door, they notice that Radley had spotted them and fired his gun at them. They run for their lives as everyone comes to the scene, and they come back to make sure no one wonders about their presence. Atticus asks them about Jem's pants and Bill says “Strip Poker” and then Atticus sends them to get it from Bill's home, and they are forced to get it back from Radley's home.

Ch. 7

School for Scout had been going ok, and every day she and Jem would go by their tree. Every day they noticed something new on there, and Scout, trying to be considerate for the person who put the things, stated that they should not take it for a few days to see if the person takes it back. They wait a few days and take some more things from the tree and try to write a letter to say thank you for all of the things that person gave them. The next day, Radley goes and plugs up the tree with cement to make sure it is “healthy” when the tree is green and looks perfectly fine.


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  1. December 10, 2014 at 3:40 am

    You did a great job on your summaries and vocabulary story! I love you, Mom.


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