What I Learned Today 12/4/14


I completed lesson 5 and then wrote a paragraph using each word correctly in a story.

Foxie and Friends 2


Foxie the Rouge

Moxie the Medic

Django the Knight

Sorin the Barbarian

Darla the Ranger


Recap: after sailing and accidentally going to Dog’s Bottom they found a city with an avalanche of new cases of a type of Syndrome called GrowlMouth. Then, they soon found a dog that could get them out, but with something in store for them in return.


“You will have to get through Blizzard Road, a road made from solid ice, and through the terrible spreading blizzard.” the dog finally rasps out of his crackling mouth. “I once stole an old tomb that had a whole list of natural disasters going from deadliest and non-deadliest. The 5th one was Blizzard Road telling about the best route, and it says you must be extremely foolhardy to try and get through. Maybe we should find another way to get through.” Foxie says cautiously. “Maybe because of all of the previous people that tried to get through, he may not want any plans he has to be thwarted. So, he is trying to lure us to be disposed of.” Darla says darkly. “don’t say disposed of! It makes everyone’s emotional state drop.” Moxie exclaims. “Wait, where is Sorin?” Django says worryingly. “I don’t know any spells to find people, does anyone have an alternative?” Moxie asks. “I only know a few escape spells. Nothing else.” Foxie adds. “With some of my skills I learned how to make a makeshift magic map! It can tell us where not to go, and where to go to get to Sorin!” Darla excitingly states. “I will need a bit of wood to work on, and I will need a few books until I have one with blank pages at the front. I also need an infused stone to give enough magical power to the pages to turn it into a magical map. and do not be terse about it. I need high quality paper, strong ply wood, and the stone cannot be cracked, or be drained of magical power when I use it.” “I can get the ply wood easily. See you back here?” Foxie says expecting no challenge. “Ok, and be careful. Don’t come back with fuzz in your mouth.” Darla says. “Of course!” “ Me and Moxie can search for the other two in a library. I have some money left after the vacation that Foxie didn’t steal. That will pay for the books and hopefully the stone.” Django sighs. Darla thinks to herself as they leave “I hope that they can conquer the dangers in this town.” Then, she raises her head up vertically and wishes that it will be ok, then slumps her head down looking out at the bay noticing water getting through a small crevice in the stone. Shacking her head in doubt, she looks at the summit of the dock and…

To Be Continued

  One thought on “What I Learned Today 12/4/14

  1. December 9, 2014 at 2:31 am

    Great job, but you need to remember to capitalize the first word of each sentence. Don’t be lazy in your writing. Also, plywood is one word. You had two spelling errors I fixed. Remember to always spellcheck.


  2. December 9, 2014 at 7:43 pm

    I love your story!! Great job

    Liked by 1 person

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