What I Learned Today 12/2/14

Minecraft Homeschool: Ancient Civilization

I learned a bunch so far this week about ancient civilization. People say “a barrel of a gun” because the way you make a barrel is the way the first cannons were made. A crayfish is an iron thing with multiple cutting blades at the front and back and spikes on the four wheels it had. They used it to guard the front gate from enemy attack by having a rope on it where knights would pull on the rope making it move. There were never outlaws like Robin Hood in the medieval ages. It was uncommon to even see an outlaw. Most of the “outlaws” were parts of a royal family, not getting any benefit form their father’s death, because back in those days the eldest brother got all of the money from the father. There were 3 choices for someone with that situation: become a knight, join the church, or join a gang and lead a life of crime. Most sheriffs never were corrupt or twisted because they were too busy getting stuff for the royal household. If someone poached on the king’s land, they would cut off their 2 fingers to make them never be able to shoot a bow. Mutilation was common as a tag to show that someone was an ex-convict. In England, anyone could become a knight.

For the build assignment, I made a medieval tank. I used item frames to replicate all of the iron plating on the tank. The front was made of bent iron with a beak type of look. There were always cannons on the side of the tank, which take the place of dispensers on the side of the tank. The tanks are towed by horses, but this one is retired for right now.


I started reading Howard Zinn's A Young People's History.

To Kill A Mockingbird:

We read another chapter of TKAM.


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