What I Learned Today 11/21/14


I completed my Alcumus sections, the homework challenge problems, and the exercises in the book. The homework is harder now because I have to write out long answers with explanations and use a math language program called Latex so I can make all the special symbols.

Big History Project Ch 4:

1. I learned that the real name for humans is Homosapiens.

2. I learned that Homosapiens evolved around 200K years ago.

3. I learned that in 3.5 billion years a species has never had the power to change the earth like Homosapiens.

4. I learned that crows are more intelligent than other animals.

5. I learned that the reason Homosapiens were able to change the world is that we use language and collective learning. That's why dog, for example, aren't really talking to each other. They use body language.

6. I learned that we did not evolve from chimpanzees.

7. I learned that humans and chimps share 98.4% of their DNA

8. I learned that the average day of work for a forager was about 6.5 hours a day.

To Kill A Mockingbird:

My favorite character in TKAM so far is Scout because I relate to her. She is smart, ahead of her grade level, and she stands up to the teacher. I don't stand up to the teacher because I don't have to because she's my mom, but I stand up for what I believe in. 🙂

Cub Scouts:

Tonight, I earned my 10-mile hiker patch and my PALA patch. I also sold the most popcorn in my den and won really cool prizes, like the fishing club package with a new rod and reel, a patch, a ticket to the Hornet's game, and a programmable Lego car I get to build. My friend Haddie got to go with me because her mom Meredyth went. She's like my mom's sister and is very nice. I got to play with Haddie before we left. I'm teaching her Minecraft.


  One thought on “What I Learned Today 11/21/14

  1. December 3, 2014 at 2:38 am

    Your math is way over my head! You are to be commended for tackling this difficult subject. Congrats on selling the most popcorn, it’s always nice to get free stuff:) Also, great that you have earned so many patches already.

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