What I Learned Today 11/14/14

Non-Fiction Writing:

Remember that story I wrote for the Practical Homeschooling magazine? I just found out I got published! It will be in the next issue. I won a big spaceship sticker book, too! Here is my story if you don't remember:

Topic: Your long-lost great uncle left you enough money to open your own store. Tell us about it.

Sage Hamilton, Age 10

My Store will be called “El Hornear Fiambres” or “The Baking Deli,” and my store was inspired by a Mexican bakery/restaurant I went to when I was in Austin, TX. I'm interested in mexican food, and having the combination of a bakery and a deli could help my cooking skills and my baking skills, and it wouldn’t appeal to as many people if I called it just “The Baking Deli.” The name of “El Hornier Fiambres” would help me talk with some of the people and get their feedback on the food, and it would help me socially because I will be able to talk and learn more Spanish from other people. If I ever get employees, I will have to test them on their social skills, cooking skills, baking, etc. Of course, on my sign I will have in smaller text “The Baking Deli” to pop some more attention. If the store gets more famous over time then I would definatly have better skills to be able to handle that. And one very important thing that will always have to stay in the store is quality over quantity. My goal is to learn skills that would be more efficient to get while making money, then to pay money for knowledge I could already gain.


I finished my book work exercises, my homework, and each Alcumus section for exponents.


I continued to practice identifying the subject and predicate of sentences and labelling the nouns, pronouns, and adjectives.


  One thought on “What I Learned Today 11/14/14

  1. December 2, 2014 at 11:38 pm

    congrats on winning the contest!!We are very proud of all the hard work you are doing!!

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