What I Learned Today 10/20/2014

Cub Scouts:

I went on my first Cub Scout camping trip at Camp Grimes this weekend. I took all the stuff Poppa and Meme sent me and the tent and sleeping bags and stuff Grama Tina, Grama Hilma, Grandpa Ernie, and my mom and Debrin got me, so it was good our tent was big. They had these wooden platforms with triangle tent poles that were permanent in the spaces because tents used to be triangle shaped. It was nice to be off the ground, plus we had bed rolls and blankets to make it softer. At camp, there were multiple classes you could take to help you get a pin, badge, or belt loop. The first class was about pitching and taking down the tents, and my group was split up into 2 groups. Then, we had to put up a tent, and then take it down; my team won both times! After that we went to fire building, and I was the only one in the group who wasn’t exited about playing with fire. I HATE fire, so it was kind of ironic everyone one else was obsessed with it. Next I earned my whittling chip, the only way for people to let me hold my pocketknife. They gave us a bar of soap, and we started whittling. I started carving out a sun, mostly because my mom sings, “You are my Sunshine” to me. I also learned to use a compass and dud orienteering, and I learned knots and lashes, mostly the bowline rescue knot. The had a First a Class Boy Scout teaching us that. The rest of the night me and Debrin spent some quality time together. Here are my pictures:

Guess how many pins and belt loops I've earned so far?! If it's listed, I earned the loop and pin. If it says, “loop only,” that's what it means. I should get them Friday at my den meeting. Then I can show them to you.

  • Pet care
  • Astronomy
  • Chess (loop only)
  • Video Games
  • Orienteering
  • Whittling
  • Fire Safety/Building
  • Knot Tying/Lashing
  • Scholar
  • Showman
  • Reading & Writing
  • Computers
  • Science
  • Music (loop only)

Solar System Project:

Today, now that I finished painting my planets (I finished Earth except for the white to represent the clouds. That's me painting the land masses.), I started filling them with the crust, mantle, and core. I will be able to tell about what's inside if each planet. For example, here is a picture of Jupiter. You can see light purple is the crust, dark purple is the mantle, and the blue is the core. The crust and mantle are mostly made up of hydrogen and helium, and the core is made up of rock and ice. My neighbor's little boy came over, and he was interested in what I was doing, so I taught him a little bit about our solar system and ket him help glue the tissue paper inside.



Today we reviewed nouns, pronouns, and adjectives. I learned about common and proper nouns, subject, object, possessive, interrogative, and demonstrative pronouns, and possessive and article adjectives. I had to identify the nouns, pronouns, and adjectives in some sentences. The pronouns are bold, the nouns are underlined, and the adjectives are italics. I made four mistakes. Can you find them? Apple and decorations are usually nouns, and I thought they were part of the noun I underlined, but really they are adjectives describing the kind of pies and kind of decorations!!! So “apple” and “decorations” should have been italic. I also forgot to italicize the article adjective “a” in sentence 3 and to underline “one” in sentence 4 because it's a noun. But Mom said I did really well. She even quizzed me in the types of pronouns and adjectives she made into flash cards, and I got most of them right! 🙂


I am learning about the rules of negation in The Art of Problem Solving. I'm taking the online class for Pre-Algebra 1 every Friday night, but my mom teaches it too during the week. It's like extra help for both of us! I'll write about this more tomorrow because I ran out of time, but I'll tell you that by definition the negative of zero would be negative zero, but negative zero is still just zero!


Tomorrow I go to the dentist. I hope to not have any cavities.




We had a big Italian dinner at Grama Tina's last night! Yum!

Oh, and here is a picture of Grama Hilma being so silly! Lol!


  One thought on “What I Learned Today 10/20/2014

  1. October 21, 2014 at 5:36 am

    I’m so impressed with your use of semicolons! I am so happy you’re enjoying scouts! I think your solar system is going to look great when it’s done! As always, I’m super proud of you, my sunshine! Love, Mom


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