What I Learned Today 10/9/2014

Pet Care Loop & Pin

I am working in my Pet Care Cub Scout belt loop and academic pin. I have to do several tasks. Today, I found interesting information on a former President’s dog:

Spot, George W. Bush’s dog was an 11 year old English Springer Spaniel. According to the White House, Spot is the daughter of George W. Bush’s dad’s dog, Millie, making her the only 2nd generation dog ever. She lived to be 11 years old and sadly had an untimely death. 😦


I also took a field trip to the Humane Society of Charlotte to interview a worker and get a tour. Here is what I learned:

When talking with the employees of the Humane Society animal shelter, I learned that each year they get $2M or $166K a month separated and given to the employees and the government. They are a limited intake area (they will not take more than they can hold), but if their facility fills up, they have cooperation with animal control and a few others. Being a limited intake facility, they do not put to sleep any animals that do not get adopted and, instead, they push them to be adopted more. Any animal that is in severe suffering is put to sleep by an injection. Anytime they’re going to be on the news, they always take a dog named “Spirit” to help her be adopted. Now 7 years old, she always goes anywhere they are invited to spread awareness. The Humane Society always gets lots of animals, 3,000 to be exact. Whenever they find a stray or a runaway animal, they inspect it to see if it has rabies or anything of that sort. If they cannot take them but want to, they ask animal control or any other businesses with the same intention. The whole entire place is run by volunteers and donators! When Debrin and I went there, it was a great place to look at, and anyone in Charlotte should go there to adopt or volunteer and maybe donate to help them stay running.

I finished a poster about my dog Foxie, and I have to show it and talk about it tomorrow at Cub Scouts. Here is a picture of how it turned out:

My Birthday:

I got my birthday off of homeschool except some vocabulary which I did while my mom was getting her legs wrapped for Lymphedema. That’s when fluid is not in her lymphatic system and goes out into her body and swells her legs up really bad so the nurse wraps five bandages, cotton rolls, and foam on her legs to push the fluid back in. I teased her and said it looked like she had rhinoceros legs. Derp! She let me take a picture:

Then Grama Tina took us to Bob Evans for breakfast. I had the big farmer’s breakfast, and they gave me a free big cookie. Grama Tina gave me a pocket knife specifically for whittling. Once I learn to whittle and learn knife safety, I’ll earn my whittling chip, and then I can carry my bigger pocket knife or that one.


Sunday was the day I had my party at Grandma Hilma & Grandpa Ernie’s. I think I told you all the yummy food we ate. I got more camping stuff for my first camping trip. I got a 5-person tent, 2 sleeping bags, a bed roll, a two burner propane stove, a tarp, a propane lantern, a big camping bag to carry it all in. I just need rain gear and one more bed roll, then I’ll have everything I need to go to every camp out.

Then last night on my birthday Meredyth took me to Awana at her church with Hadleigh and Emma. I went to the boys class and they did a super fun game, but a lot of the kids were rude being loud and getting on tables. That’s why I like to play with adults more. Then we went to Sweet Frog and got scrumptious frozen yogurt and toppings. I got salted caramel and chocolate frozen yogurt swirled and put dark chocolate and yogurt chips on top. It was SOOOO good!!!! 🙂

Meredyth is taking us to the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday! I’m going to get 3 pumpkins to carve. A big one to be Debrin, a medium one to be my mom, and a small one to be me. Depending on how much they cost I might get two really small ones to be Foxie and Moxie!

My dad and Brooke sent me a whole box of My Little Pony stuff! I got collectible cards, a vinyl Lyra, 4 sparkle figurines, a cool Rainbow Dash plush head with zipper pouch, and Brooke handmade me a Rainbow Dash and a Fluttershy! I told her she could sell them at Bronycon! I think it’s cool because no one else in the world has them, and we are going to work on making the entire cast of characters! She uses special clay my mom said she’d get Brooke and me more of to make our ponies when I visit. And my dad got me all the new fifth edition D&D books that have come out so far so we can do a campain when I visit and can make a new character from scratch. He kept those there so he can read them and be prepared.

I’m still selling popcorn! I need to raise $450! Please email me at bluesageacademy@gmail.com if you want me to send you an order link. I’ve only raised $91 so far. It’s really yummy popcorn!!!

  One thought on “What I Learned Today 10/9/2014

  1. October 10, 2014 at 7:14 pm

    What a great BD you had. Wow, Brooke did a fantastic job on the MY Little Pony she made. Yes, I do believe they are good enough to sell. Great suggestion! Love you, hope you have a good weekend:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. October 10, 2014 at 8:55 pm

    I’m going to the pumpkin patch this weekend, so that will be fun! 🙂


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