What I Learned Today 10/03/2014

Fiction Writing:

I entered a contest in a Homeschooling magazine my mom gets. Each month they give out a topic, and the 10 kids with the best stories get published and win a prize. This month's prize is a spaceship sticker book.

Topic: Your long-lost great uncle left you enough money to open your own store. Tell us about it.

Sage Hamilton, Age 10

My Store will be called “El Hornear Fiambres” or “The Baking Deli,” and my store was inspired by a Mexican bakery/restaurant I went to when I was in Austin, TX. I'm interested in Mexican food, and having the combination of a bakery and a deli could help my cooking skills and my baking skills, and it wouldn’t appeal to as many people if I called it just “The Baking Deli.” The name of “El Hornier Fiambres” would help me talk with some of the people and get their feedback on the food, and it would help me socially because I will be able to talk and learn more Spanish from other people. If I ever get employees, I will have to test them on their social skills, cooking skills, baking, etc. Of course, on my sign I will have in smaller text “The Baking Deli” to pop some more attention. If the store gets more famous over time then I would definitely have better skills to be able to handle that. And one very important thing that will always have to stay in the store is quality over quantity. My goal is to learn skills that would be more efficient to get while making money, then to pay money for knowledge I could already gain.

Non-Fiction Writing/Media:

I watched a Game Theory video on YouTube. They are one of my favorite things to watch because they are really interesting. They tell you theories about video games or stuff you don't know about the games you may be playing. Today, I learned that in Skyrim, all of that “arrow to the knee” stuff is true. Skyrim is based off of Vikings, and when the arrow goes through the patellar tendon it shatters the kneecap making them fall to the ground. If they didn’t believe in magic, then the arrow would be pulled out from one side back through the knee and if there was any bone in the way they would shatter it to make the room to get it out, but when the patella is broken, they need to reassemble it with metal pins or remove it entirely. The Viking doctors only had the knowledge to remove the bones and hope. When an adventurer would get shot in the knee, the only thing they could do was crawl to the doctor. Maybe that’s a good thing because in chapter 185 of Frostathing Law it says basically, that every bone that is destroyed would mean extra money for the doctors. For example, a hired hit man shoots an adventurer in the knee and lets him live, and the knee shatters. But the victim can still crawl back into town to get healed. Since Viking medical practices can’t repair a knee that injured, the bones have to be removed, and the kneecap is actually the easiest bone to extract. For each fragment that comes out, the doctors get more money. So, logically, the people who are responsible are the doctors themselves.


I finished earning my chess belt loop for Cub Scouts today, so I'll get it next week! I had to identify all of the pieces on a chess board, set up a chess board properly, show how each piece moves, and play a game of chess. To earn my pin, which is harder, I have to do way more stuff, like learn the algebraic scoring method and research a famous chess player, but I'm working on it. Here are the chess pieces followed by where each one can move.


We couldn't finish painting my solar system today because the base coat was still kind of wet, but I think they look good and rounder with the base coat on them and it will be easier to paint their true colors on them. Tonight, we worked on astronomy in our den meeting, and I brought my new binoculars that fit on my belt in their carry case, but the other scouts were using iPads to look at constellations, which I think is sort of like being lazy or cheating. I'd rather look up into the sky.


I met the Cub Scout Chaplin tonight. He talked to me about earning my God and Family or God and Me pin and knot, which I need to get my Arrow of Light patch and move to a Boy Scout. I would get the God and Family or God and Me pin instead of the silver Latin pin because that is for people who are Catholic. The God and Family pin can be any protistent religion or the God and Me pin is a spirituality/philosophy like Buddhism. I like both the teachings and ideas of Jesus and Buddha, but I may work on my Methodist pin because that's the church we went to. We are going to go to a Unity church, too to see if I like that. We want to find a church that has the old hymns I like to sing but isn't boring for kids. The big community church is too loud and makes the hymns like dub step and I don't like that. I really liked the technology church I went to with Meme and Poppa in Austin. Maybe we can find one that does both old hymns and technology. I definitely want to be in the choir. I love to sing. 🙂

Java/Computer Programming/Minecraft:

Today I got to work more on my Minecraft mod while learning Java programming. Today I created the six elements of harmony from My Little Pony (I'm a Brony!). MLP isn't just a girl show. It's about the stories which are really good. I want to go to Bronycon next year like my friend Stephen. Minecraft players will mine these harmony ingots to create special tools and armor toward end game. I used the exact hex codes from the sword and pickaxe I made so the colors matched exactly.

Red = The Ingot of Loyalty

Yellow = The Ingot of Kindness

Blue = The Ingot of Laughter

Pink = The Ingot of Generosity

Green = The Ingot of Honesty

Purple = The Ingot of Magic


I earned my Scholar Pin for Cub Scouts for being a good student. This is my first pin. I earned it because I have perfect attendance, good behavior, and good grades. I also was involved this year in a big school activity at ADS where I did a 40 minute monologue I wrote myself, acting a role in the play, and sang songs in the choir and had two solos. I will show you my real one when I get it next week.

Scouting Trailblazer Adventure Day:

Tomorrow Grama Tina is taking me to Adventure Day where we will fish, rock climb, do archery, do crafts, shoot BB guns, living history, scouting games, BMX track, and boating! Grama Tina makes me awesome lentels and spicey sausage every week!!! (That's not part of adventure day. I just love them! Derp!)

My Birthday Feast:

My birthday is Wednesday. I turn 11. Mom is giving me the day off school to sleep in (we usually get up at 7!) and to do fun stuff together. Miss Meredyth is taking me, Haddie, and Emma to Awana at their church then to Sweet Frog for frozen yogurt with as many toppings as I want. But my real party is Sunday at my Grandma Hilma and Grandpa Ernie's. Grama Hilma is making me a feast of my favorite foods of roast beef, broccoli, yellow potatoes, and pumpkin pie plus lots of other food. I'm getting I big surprise birthday present. I don't know what it is but I asked for camping stuff. I don't mind not having a party this year because I never got to be with my whole family on my birthday before (at least since I was a baby!) so this is special. I will blog pictures on Monday.

  One thought on “What I Learned Today 10/03/2014

  1. October 4, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    Very interesting blog today. You are learning so much, keep it up. I know nothing about chess, I never got pass checkers! LOL Hope you catch a fish today!


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