What I Learned Today 9/19/2014

Yesterday was a sad day. My Baba Joe died, so we had a day of mourning. If you didn't know my Baba Joe, he was my grandpa. He taught me to swim and play chess. He pulled me in my red wagon with Coda his wolf when I was a baby. I used to play with him all the time. I have lots of pictures of him. He helped raise me. He got really sick from a mental illness and turned into a different person who we couldn't be around anymore, and that was very sad. We hadn't seen him in a long time and then the police called my mom to tell her he was dead. She was really sad too, but we both think he is now in peace. My mom made this picture of when he wasn't sick.

Today, I replied to everyone who wrote me back for my 9/11 oral history project. I learned some pretty interesting stuff. I'm going to write about it next week. I watched some more documentaries with lots of different ideas about what happened. I don't like the Patriot Act they made. I think it invaded Americans privacy.

Tomorrow we are going to put another layer of Papier mâché on our solar system balloons.

Tonight we had a big Cub Scout pack meeting, and I earned my Bobcat badge! I already did my first good deed by helping a lady at the doctor's office who had her hands full by opening the door for her. That means my Bobcat badge which starts upside down can now be turned. My mom put all my badges on my uniform today. I like the way it looks, and I'm excited to earn more! We had a campfire meeting with the entire pack, and each den or patrol did a skit. Then I got my badge and got to ring the big bell. They made kettle desserts in the fire for everyone to try. They went over camping instructions because we have a big camp out coming up. On October 4, my Grama Tina is taking me to the Adventure Day where we can hike, fish, climb a rock wall, shoot BB guns, do archery, and lots of fun stuff. I think I'm mostly going to fish. I will earn some patches or pins or maybe belt slides that day, and I will earn five pins toward my Arrow of Light patch just in that one camping trip! You can get a NOVA award for doing math and science stuff or the SUPERNOVA for doing even more, so I'm going for the SUPERNOVA! Here are pictures of me in my uniform. I'm in the lightning patrol! Thank you!




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