What I Learned Today 09/16/2014

Today I reviewed the different types of nouns and learned there were different kinds of pronouns. I also started learning about linking verbs. We did two long mad-lib type things for review. They ended up being pretty funny.

I started making all 8 planets and the sun in our solar system. We blew up 9 balloons in different sizes to reprent each planet and the biggest one the sun. My mom mixed up flour and water to make a goopy paste called Papier mâché while I shredded newspaper into strips. We dunked the newspaper in the goop and then put it on the balloons. It will dry and get hard. It took ALL DAY to cover all 9 balloons, and we have to do it two more times! It was really messy but fun. Grama Tina even came over and helped. She had fun, too! I had the idea to cut them in half after we paint them and fill them with different colors of tissue paper to be the crust, the mantle, and the core so you can see what the insides are made of.


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